Developing on Mobile since 2003

Viva La Mobile began life in Sydney, Australia in 2003 and has always strived to create mobile products that go one step further than what is on the market at the time. Our first game, Privateers, won second prize in the international Motorola CodeMeMoto competition and led to greater things.

Multiplayer Mobiles Games

We were responsible for the creation of the first real-time multiplayer games in Australia, and possibly the world, when we released Badlands on the 3 Australia network in 2004. We continue to evolve mobile multiplayer gaming to this day with production of The Dojo, a global network of multiplayer games on multiple platforms.

Producing for Clients

While building our own products we have always strived to apply the lessons and knowledge we have gained when working on projects for third parties. Our in depth understanding of connected online games and interactivity gives us an edge when it comes to creating apps for today's advanced smartphone devices.

Viva La Mobile Pty Ltd

248 Riley St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

ph: (61 2) 9280 1647