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Viva La Mobile developed this app for VHA's Appland app store. It let's you share the song details of the music you’re listening to on your iPod, iPhone or Android with your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts.

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Some media companies offer everything from web development, app development to SEO and marketing campaigns. That's not our style. We know that our skills and experience lie in mobile apps and solutions, so that's what we offer and that's what you will get - pure and undiluted.

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At Viva La Mobile we come from a Java background, so it's only natural that we have dived into Google Android application development in a big way. We see Android as the successor to J2ME, and with Android fast becoming the biggest smartphone platform out there, 2011 is the year where getting your mobile applications developed for Android handsets is a must. Viva La Android!!" Supported by top online casinos

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Great mobile applications and games need more than just a gun coder. They require an eye for UI design, an understanding of user experience, knowledge of device fragmentation and its pitfalls, and a finger on the pulse of today’s devices, platforms and distribution methods. As a pioneering Ausralian mobile applications developer, Viva La Mobile brings all this to the table with 8 years of product development experience.

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