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Apples and oranges

With the iPhone 4s announcement a wave of cheers and sighs has traveled at the speed of light across the world.  People everywhere who once would have had to have waited for next months tech magazine to tell them the news are now instantly informed that the latest and greatest is now insight.

Whether Apple has been able to breach the high water mark it set for itself or not is quite insignificant compared to the reality that smart phones are here , delivering content to users in the way they want it and no new device is going to change that. The iPhone 4S launch marks the point where software has started taking the lead from the devices, as we have come to the situation where although the devices have their differences,  the user can still do the exact same thing on their 4S as their $100 Android handset.

Now that the hype bubble of amazing things to come has been popped we can get back to work building the best applications possible on the devices that are out there now and in peoples hands. It should be comforting to know that no matter what device you think is the best, they are all capable of delivering a highly polished and engaging medium to interact with the world.

Posted by Stephen Kilsby on October 5th, 2011 :: Filed under Uncategorized
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